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Vinyl Swing Sets

Our vinyl swing sets are made out of premium pressure treated wood, and then wrapped in a vinyl sleeve. The result is a maintenance-free playground that is 5x stronger than wood. Our expert installers double brace all joints on your playset, ensuring greater stability and durability.

All vinyl swing set decks feature Trex® composite decking (the same high-quality decking you use at home), which makes them nonslip. That means that your children can play in the rain without fear of slipping! Another benefit of a vinyl swing set from Swing Set Direct is that there is no exposed wood or screws. As a result, you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing that your kids won’t get splinters or scratches!

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Teddy's Tower Vinyl Swing Set Teddy's Tower
Our Price: $2,340.00
Honey Bear Hangout Vinyl Swing Set Honey Bear Hangout
Our Price: $1,530.00
Cubby's Fort Vinyl Swing Set Cubby's Fort
Our Price: $3,170.00

Care Bear Castle Vinyl Swing Set Care Bear Castle
Our Price: $2,465.00
Fuzzy Bear Ride Vinyl Swing Set Fuzzy Bear Ride
Our Price: $1,380.00

Wish Bear's Dream Vinyl Swing Set Wish Bear's Dream
Our Price: $2,150.00
Economy Vinyl Swing Set Economy Swing Set
Our Price: $1,040.00
Sea King Vinyl Swing Set Sea King
Our Price: $4,045.00

Pirate's Palace Vinyl Swing Set Pirate's Palace
Our Price: $3,580.00
Captain's Castle Vinyl Swing Set Captain's Castle
Our Price: $5,695.00

Sailor's Retreat Vinyl Swing Set Sailor's Retreat
Our Price: $4,225.00
Starboard Escape Vinyl Swing Set Starboard Escape
Our Price: $3,895.00

Storm Chaser Vinyl Swing Set Storm Chaser
Our Price: $4,095.00
Safe Harbor Vinyl Swing Set Safe Harbor
Our Price: $4,195.00
Wave Rider Vinyl Swing Set Wave Rider
Our Price: $4,455.00
Space Station Vinyl Swing Set Space Station
Our Price: $4,575.00
Launching Pad Vinyl Swing Set Launching Pad
Our Price: $7,370.00
Space Walk Vinyl Swing Set Space Walk
Our Price: $7,275.00
Shooting Star Vinyl Swing Set Shooting Star
Our Price: $7,945.00
Eclipse Vinyl Swing Set Eclipse
Our Price: $7,195.00
Rocket Blazer Xtreme Vinyl Playset Rocket Blazer Xtreme
Our Price: $11,275.00